Friday, August 1, 2008

My Movie Listing

Mm... kali ni nak buat listing n review ckit on movie yang dah tengok & yang xcited nak tengok.. haha..
ni recent movies yang i dh tengok in July.. both memang puas hati..
The Journey to the Center of the Earth & Kung Fu Panda

ni pulak movies yang i really xcited nak tengok in AUGUST (this month)

Dark Knight, The Mummy 3, Wall-E, & Star Wars: The Clone Wars

ni pulak movie that i really wait for.

October : Disaster Movie
November : Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince

December : Madagascar:Escape 2 Africa

That's all... hope dapat tengok semuanya.. hehehe..


Kikuri-hime said...

Salam.. hi, i'm one of ur friendster friends... cool blog!

allifrashid said...

to Kikuri-hime : TQ