Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another New Day...

Hi there.. have u read the article I wrote on Malay & Entrepreneurship? Ur comment? Hope it satisfying u as a blog reader. I wrote as I received lots and lots of enquiry for job from my friends.. I couldn’t give them any job at the moment as the circumstances doesn’t need them yet.. one day mayb.. who knows..

mmm.. today is another new day.. I started my day with disappointment feelings. As usual, I woke up and check all my mobile phones. Line 1, no missed calls… Line 2, cleared.. Line 3, nope.. Line 4.. the phone shut off.. then I tried to reactive it.. but I couldn’t… don’t tell me it has system problem.. YUPP!!! It Had it!! I just bought my n95, not even a day I used it.. arghhh… it condemned… rase nak baling2 je.. tapi bile fikir sayang... x jadi baling... thought of letting it go.. no point on repairing it even though it is still under warrenty.. do u want? I would sell to u @ only RM 200.00?

My whole entire day was like hell.. but in the evening.. my stomach crouching. Yeah.. I need something to eat.. I found a log of frozen meet in the freezer, then I went to the fridge.. I found mayonnaise.. YESSS!!! I prepared Roti John but the bread is the ordinary loaf. At least the basic taste is there… it’s been almost 2 years since I prepared Roti John.. And Guess what.. It tasted just as it had to be.. huhu.. and stomach is full!!



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